Flag Football League


I could have made that catch! I bet I could throw this ball over that mountain! I could have made the pros if I did not hurt my knee in high school. Ring a bell? Then you are ready for the MSL Flag Football League!

Get your friends together, make a team and show off all the skills you learned last Sunday while you were sitting on the couch eating potato chips.

Winter 2018 MSL Flag Football League

League Start Date Course Code
 Tuesday Evening Men's   Feb 6

Team: 748508

Individual: 748507 

Tuesday Evening Women's Feb 6

Team: 753217

Individual: 753220


League Highlights

  • NEW - 12 Games guaranteed
  • 6v6 play
  • 50 minute games
  • Field is 50m x 30m
  • Flags provided
  • Fully Licensed Lounge
  • Field turf Playing Surface
  • 18 years +

Registration Information

Individual Registration

$180.00 plus HST

Team Registration

$1596.00 plus HST

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